Our Building

The Pastime Bar and Grill divides naturally into two spaces, a 40-seat restaurant with open kitchen. The bar has table seating plus the 14 original stools that face our historic back bar that arrived from South America via Loomis in the 1930s.

About the Pastime

Come summer, we open up the doors and windows to make the Pastime a pleasant place to drink and dine as temperatures climb. We offer limited sidewalk dining on the Main Street side of the restaurant and bar plus indoor-outdoor seating at window bars on either side of the bar entrance. Our of-age customers may drink, play games, enjoy the weather and order a meal or snack off our menu out back in the patio bar.

The History of the Pastime Building

Dry goods store, stocking everything from canned goods to Maidenform bras, billiards parlor, tavern, during its decades-long history, the Pastime Bar and Grill has been many things to many people.

Our building was originally constructed as two side by side establishments, housing in its south half, Prince’s Thrifty department store, an important part of the economy in Oroville, WA.

Gaming took place in the billiards parlor next door, becoming one space after the departure of Prince’s to new quarters.

Anyone who has lived in these parts for a long time (on either side of the border) remembers this Oroville bar as the Pastime Tavern. Stories of its heyday are legion. Back in the 70s, the Pastime sold more Olympia Beer than any other tavern in Washington State.




To learn more about the history of our region before your Oroville travel go to Borderlands Historical Society