Our Vision


Throughout the world, it is from the agriculturally rich areas with easily accessible fresh ingredients that regional cuisine emerges. Here in the scenic Okanogan Valley of Washington state, we are surrounded by a fertile growing region with rich volcanic soils, long sunny days and little precipitation.

About the Pastime

Where better for a tradition of farm to table cuisine to take hold? With Canada’s premium British Columbia wine region just across the border  from Oroville, WA, the region has become a popular destination for Canadians, especially Vancouver foodies, who come here to enjoy Okanagan wine tours. More Americans are also discovering the Northern Okanogan trails and other recreational spots via 97 on Northwest vacation trips.

Whether you live here in the region or are just passing through during your Okanogan travel, we hope you’ll check out the Pastime Bar and Grill.


Our late night menu includes tasty snacks or full meals after the dining room closes and of course you’ll find whatever the new harvest brings on our seasonal menu.

We’ve been gratified by all the feedback we’ve received. Lots of our customers think enough of us to cross over the border for a meal. We hope our local neighbors and our new Canadian friends will keep letting us know how we’re doing, in person, by email or in a review, so we can serve you better.

Thanks for your support and patronage. To stay current with Pastime Bar and Grill menu changes and events, sign up for our email alerts in the side bar.