The Pastime Bar
Voted “Best of 2013″ Bar in the North Okanogan Country by Omak Chronicle readers

As Okanogan bars go, the Pastime has a quite a history. Whether true or not, legend has it that our handsome mahogany back bar, a local landmark of sorts, arrived in Oroville, WA via Cape Horn, sailing up the west coast of South America eventually reaching American shores.

This turn of the century Patagonia Oroville travel route was undoubtedly necessitated by the fact that the Panama Canal wasn’t completed until 1914. From Washington’s coast, Okanogan travel was no easy feat in those days. The story grows murky here but picks up again in Loomis, today one of the Okanogan ghost towns, where the back bar remained in another establishment for some period of time. How much of this Okanogan history actually happened, who can say but our research continues.

As Oroville’s watering hole, folks have always enjoyed the Pastime and its traditions, a place to get five cent beer on Christmas Eve, a place to drink your first legal beer, a men’s room with a view into the bar, and now we’re starting our own traditions. To our majestic back bar and old time bar stool seating, we’ve added new hardwood floors, comfortable table seating and Wi-Fi. To make summertime at the Pastime extra pleasant, our outdoor seating on Main Street allows you to enjoy a cold one while watching the world go by or cool off in the shade of our Alley Bar. We hope you will think of the Pastime when getting together with friends for lunch or dinner, celebrating an anniversary, toasting pals during your high school reunion or when planning another occasion with special group dining needs.

BARdrinkingsub2Drinking at the Pastime
Farm to table cuisine doesn’t end in the Pastime dining room. We use fresh, local ingredients in some of our adult beverages. Part of our cocktail menu changes according to Oroville, WA temperatures, warm and cozy in the winter like our Okanogan Fog and traditional Irish coffee and refreshing icy drinks during the summer heat. In the mood for a great big Manhattan prepared with Jack Daniels? Patrons love our 3+-oz. Branthatten. And if you don’t find your favorite drink on our Spirits and Beer menu, just ask and we can probably oblige.

Our late afternoon Monday through Thursday Pastime Happy Hour discounts our well drinks and beer to enjoy with an assortment of tasty appetizers from farm to table light fare to beer-friendly hearty morsels. See our Bar Menu for more.

BARplayingsub3Playing at the Pastime
From the old Pastime Tavern, we’ve refurbished two of the original pool tables and the shuffleboard table, dating back to the early ‘40s, for the continued enjoyment of our new Pastime bar Oroville patrons and those just passing through. Games are always free. On televised professional and collegiate game nights, our big screen TVs go on. When a TV event is of interest to a lot of our patrons, say if the Seahawks are playing in the Super Bowl or the US is pitted against Canada in a World Cup match, we offer special drinks and snacks to keep you fortified until the Fat Lady sings.

The Pastime Tavern’s tradition of pool leagues continues at the new Pastime. The Pastime Pool League plays every Wednesday night. For season schedule, to join or get more information, contact us.

Live Music at the Pastime
All of us at the Pastime are passionate about live music, and love bringing the experience to our patrons. Thursdays feature live events at the Pastime – great live music, and sometimes other fun events like rock-and-roll bingo, trivia, and more.

We also regularly schedule additional live music events throughout the year – check our ‘Upcoming Events’ tab on the left, and connect with us on Facebook, to always stay up-to-date with what’s coming.