The Okanogan Growing Region


A profusion of agricultural crops and livestock are produced in the Okanogan. That allows us to run up the road to Taber’s Taste of Summer orchards for some Everbearing Strawberries picked in the morning and add small-batch Taber’s strawberry ice cream to the seasonal menu by dinnertime. Not only does the region produce eleven apple varieties but twenty different cherries, ten types of pears plus lots of peaches and more.

About the Pastime

The bison for our bison burgers are raised less than twenty miles from the Pastime Bar and Grill up in the Okanogan Highlands.

The growers are always experimenting with new varieties, allowing us to experiment too. Ask us what variety of hard-necked specialty garlic we used in the warm linguine rocket salad and we can tell you. A myriad of Okanogan garlic species, from the most common to the most exotic, grow here, making our region the Napa Valley of specialty garlic. We think the bountiful Okanogan is just the right place to open a farm to table restaurant. It’s a movement in many other places and now finally here.